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1 a covering that serves to conceal or shelter something; "they crouched behind the screen"; "under cover of darkness" [syn: screen, covert, concealment]
2 bedding that keeps a person warm in bed; "he pulled the covers over his head and went to sleep" [syn: blanket]
3 the act of concealing the existence of something by obstructing the view of it; "the cover concealed their guns from enemy aircraft" [syn: covering, screening, masking]
4 the front and back covering of a book; "the book had a leather binding" [syn: binding, book binding, back]
5 a natural object that covers or envelops; "under a covering of dust"; "the fox was flushed from its cover" [syn: covering, natural covering]
6 covering for a hole (especially a hole in the top of a container); "he removed the top of the carton"; "he couldn't get the top off of the bottle"; "put the cover back on the kettle" [syn: top]
7 fire that makes it difficult for the enemy to fire on your own individuals or formations; "artillery provided covering fire for the withdrawal" [syn: covering fire]
8 a fixed charge by a restaurant or night club over and above the charge for food and drink [syn: cover charge]
9 a recording of a song that was first recorded or made popular by somebody else; "they made a cover of a Beatles' song" [syn: cover version, cover song]
10 a false identity and background (especially one created for an undercover agent); "her new name and passport are cover for her next assignment"


1 provide with a covering or cause to be covered; "cover her face with a handkerchief"; "cover the child with a blanket"; "cover the grave with flowers" [ant: uncover]
2 form a cover over; "The grass covered the grave" [syn: spread over]
3 span an interval of distance, space or time; "The war extended over five years"; "The period covered the turn of the century"; "My land extends over the hills on the horizon"; "This farm covers some 200 acres" [syn: extend]
4 provide for; "The grant doesn't cover my salary"
5 deal with verbally or in some form of artistic expression; "This book deals with incest"; "The course covered all of Western Civilization"; "The new book treats the history of China" [syn: treat, handle, plow, deal, address]
6 include in scope; include as part of something broader; have as one's sphere or territory; "This group encompasses a wide range of people from different backgrounds"; "this should cover everyone in the group" [syn: embrace, encompass, comprehend]
7 travel across or pass over; "The caravan covered almost 100 miles each day" [syn: traverse, track, cross, pass over, get over, get across, cut through, cut across]
8 be responsible for reporting the details of, as in journalism; "Snow reported on China in the 1950's"; "The cub reporter covered New York City" [syn: report]
9 hold within range of an aimed firearm
10 to take an action to protect against future problems; "Count the cash in the drawer twice just to cover yourself"
11 hide from view or knowledge; "The President covered the fact that he bugged the offices in the White House" [syn: cover up]
12 protect or defend (a position in a game); "he covered left field"
13 maintain a check on; especially by patrolling; "The second officer covered the top floor"
14 protect by insurance; "The insurance won't cover this" [syn: insure, underwrite]
15 make up for shortcomings or a feeling of inferiority by exaggerating good qualities; "he is compensating for being a bad father" [syn: compensate, overcompensate]
16 invest with a large or excessive amount of something; "She covered herself with glory"
17 help out by taking someone's place and temporarily assuming his responsibilities; "She is covering for our secretary who is ill this week"
18 be sufficient to meet, defray, or offset the charge or cost of; "Is this enough to cover the check?"
19 spread over a surface to conceal or protect; "This paint covers well"
20 cover as if with a shroud; "The origins of this civilization are shrouded in mystery" [syn: shroud, enshroud, hide]
21 copulate with a female, used especially of horses; "The horse covers the mare" [syn: breed]
22 put something on top of something else; "cover the meat with a lot of gravy" [syn: overlay]
23 play a higher card than the one previously played; "Smith covered again"
24 be responsible for guarding an opponent in a game
25 sit on (eggs); "Birds brood"; "The female covers the eggs" [syn: brood, hatch, incubate]
26 clothe, as if for protection from the elements; "cover your head!" [syn: wrap up]

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coveren < covrir (French: couvrir) < cooperire (to cover completely).
According to the Oxford English Dictionary, the original sense of the verb and noun cover was hide from view as in its cognate covert. Except in the limited sense of cover again, the word recover is unrelated and is cognate with recuperate.


  1. A lid.
  2. The hiding from view.
  3. The front and back of a book or magazine.
  4. The top sheet of a bed.
  5. A cover charge.
    There's a $15 cover tonight.
  6. A setting at a restaurant table.
    We need to set another cover for the Smith party.
  7. A cover version; a cover song.
  8. A fielding position on the off side, between point and mid off, about 30° forward of square; a fielder in this position.
  9. A set (more often known as a family) of sets, whose union contains the given set.
    The open intervals are a cover for the real numbers.
  10. An envelope complete with stamps and postmarks etc.
  11. A solid object, including terrain, that provides protection from enemy fire.
  12. In commercial law, refers to a buyer’s purchase on the open market of goods similar or identical to the goods contracted for after a seller has breached a contract of sale by failure to deliver the goods contracted for.


front and back of a book or a magazine
top sheet
cover version
  • Dutch: cover
  • Finnish: cover
  • French: reprise
  • German: Cover , Coverversion
  • Polish: cover
  • Portuguese: clone
  • Slovene: priredba
  • Swedish: cover
cricket fielding position
setting at a restaurant table
family of sets
cover charge


  1. Of or pertaining to the front cover of a book or magazine.
  2. Of, pertaining to, or consisting of cover versions.


about cover of a book or magazine
concerning a cover version


  1. To place something over or upon to conceal or protect.
  2. To feature, discuss, or mention.
  3. To provide enough money for.
    We've earned enough money to cover most of our costs.
  4. To make a cover version of (a song that was originally recorded by another artist).
  5. In the context of "military|police": To protect using an aimed firearm and the threat of firing; or to protect using continuous, heaving fire at or in the direction of the enemy so as to force the enemy to remain in cover; or to threaten using an aimed firearm and the threat of firing.


to conceal or protect
  • Dutch: behandelen
  • Finnish: mainita
  • German: abdecken
  • Portuguese: mencionar
  • Spanish: mencionar
  • Swedish: täcka
provide enough money for
  • Dutch: dekken
  • Finnish: kattaa
  • German: abdecken
  • Hebrew: לכסות (lekhasot)
  • Polish: pokrywać
  • Portuguese: cobrir
  • Slovene: kriti
  • Spanish: cubrir
  • Swedish: täcka upp för
make a cover
protect by shooting




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The plural of this word could also be covers.

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American plan, European plan, Smyth sewing, a la carte, abri, account for, accouple, accumulate, act, admit, afghan, agglutinate, air cover, air raid, air support, air-raid shelter, alibi, altar carpet, altar cloth, alternate, amass, ante, ante up, antepast, antimacassar, apology, apply paint, apply to, arm, armor, articulate, assemble, assimilate, associate, asylum, atone, attire, awning, back, backing, baldachin, ball, band, bang, bar, barricade, batten, batten down, be gravid, be intimate, be knocked up, be pregnant, be with child, beach umbrella, becloud, bed linen, bedaub, bedclothes, bedcover, bedding, bedizen, bedsheet, bedspread, befog, begild, besmear, bespread, bet, bet on, bibliopegy, bind, binder board, binding, blanket, bless, blind, block, block up, blockade, boards, boil, bolt-hole, bomb shelter, bombing, bombproof, bond, book cloth, book cover, book jacket, bookbinding, bookcase, bracket, breed, bridge, bridge over, broil, brood, brush on paint, buffalo robe, bulwark, bung, bunker, bury, button, button up, cache, calcimine, call, camouflage, canopy, cap, carpet, carry, carry young, case, casemaking, casing-in, casserole, caulk, cave, cement, centerpiece, cerecloth, cerement, chain, champion, chink, choke, choke off, choke up, chrismal, ciborium, clap, clap together, cloak, clock, clog, clog up, close, close up, cloth, clothe, clothes, cloud, coat, cohabit, collating, collating mark, collect, color, combine, come together, comfort, comforter, command, commit adultery, compass about, compensate, compensate for, complete, complexion, comprehend, comprise, concatenate, conceal, concealment, congest, conglobulate, conjoin, conjugate, connect, constipate, constrict, contain, contour sheet, contract, cope, copulate, copyright, cork, corner, corporal, count in, counter, counterbalance, counterpane, couple, course, couvert, cover charge, cover story, cover up, cover-up, coverage, covering, coverlet, coverlid, covers, covert, coverture, cowl, cowling, cozy, cranny, cross, crown, cubby, cubbyhole, culinary masterpiece, culinary preparation, curtain, cushion, cyclone cellar, dab, dam, dam up, dark corner, daub, deal with, deck, deep-dye, defend, defense, defray, den, dessert, device, diddle, dip, disguise, dish, dissemble, distemper, distract attention from, ditch, do, do a hitch, do a stint, do a tour, do penance, do time, doily, dossal, double, double-dye, drape, drapery, draw the curtains, dress, dry run, dugout, dust cover, dust jacket, dye, earth, eclipse, eiderdown, emblazon, embody, embrace, enamel, encircle, enclose, encompass, enfold, engild, engulf, enlist, ensconce, enshroud, ensure, entree, entremets, envelop, environ, envisage, excuse, expiate, extend, extend over, eye, facade, face, fade, fallout shelter, false front, fanon, fast-dye, fasten, feint, fence, fend, fill, fill in, fill in for, fill out, fill up, film, fingerstall, fitted sheet, floor, floor covering, flooring, fold, fold up, folding, footband, fornicate, foul, foxhole, fresco, frig, front, fry, funk hole, gamble, garb, gather, gathering, gestate, gild, give and take, glaze, gloss, gloss over, glue, gluing-off, go, go out, go over, grain, grill, ground, grow over, guarantee, guard, guise, handle, hanging, harbor, harborage, hard binding, hatch, have a go, have sex, have sexual relations, have tenure, haven, hazard, headband, help, helping, hide, hideaway, hideout, hidey hole, hiding, hiding place, hold, hold office, hole, hood, housing, hue, illuminate, imbue, include, incorporate, incubate, indemnify, ingrain, insure, inundate, jacket, jalousie, jam, japan, join, keep, keep a watch, keep from harm, keep under cover, key, knot, lacquer, lair, lame excuse, lap robe, latch, lay, lay a wager, lay down, lay on, lay on color, lay over, lay together, layer, league, lee, library binding, lid, lie, lie on, lie with, light shield, linen, lining, lining-up, link, lock, lock out, lock up, locus standi, lump together, main dish, make a bet, make amends, make compensation, make good, make it with, make love, make out, make safe, make up for, mantle, marquee, marquise, marry, marshal, mask, masquerade, mass, mate, measure, mechanical binding, meet a bet, merge, milk run, mission, mobilize, mount, muffle, nestle, niche, niggerhead, nook, number among, obduce, obfuscate, obscure, obstipate, obstruct, occlude, occult, occupy, offset, operculum, ordinary, ostensible motive, overcast, overgrow, overlay, overlie, overpass, overshadow, overspread, pack, padlock, paint, pair, pall, parasol, parget, parlay, parquet, pass, pass over, pass through, patchwork quilt, patent, patrol, pave, pavement, pavilion, paving, pay back, perambulate, peregrinate, pererrate, perfect binding, piece together, pigment, pillow slip, pillowcase, place, plastic binding, plate, play against, pledget, plug, plug up, plumb, plunge, ply, police, poor excuse, port, portion, preservation, pretense, pretension, pretext, prime, protect, protection, protective custody, protestation, provide for, public motive, punt, purdah, put on, put together, put-off, put-on, quilt, range, range over, re-up, reach, reach out, receive, recess, reckon among, reckon in, reckon with, recompense, reconnaissance, reconnaissance mission, reconnoiter, rectify, reenlist, refuge, register, relieve, repay, retaliate, retreat, ride shotgun for, roast, robe, roll into one, rounding, rug, run, run riot, saddle stitching, safeguard, safekeeping, safety, safety zone, sanctuary, scarf, scour, scour the country, scout, scramble, screen, screw, scum, seal, seal off, seal up, second helping, secret place, secrete, secure, security, see, self-service, semblance, serve, serve time, service, serving, set, set right, sewing, shade, shader, shadow, sham, sheathe, sheet, sheeting, shellac, shelter, shield, show, shroud, shut, shut the door, shut up, shutter, shuttle raid, side dish, side sewing, sign up, signature, sit, sit in, slam, sleep with, slip, slipcase, slipcover, slop on paint, slur over, smashing, smear, smoke screen, snap, soft binding, solder, sortie, span, spell, spell off, spile, spiral binding, splice, spread, spread over, squeeze shut, stain, stake, stalking-horse, stamping, stanch, stand in, stand pat, stapling, stash, stay, stench, stick together, stipple, stop, stop up, stopper, stopple, storm cave, storm cellar, straddle, strafing, strangle, stratagem, stretch, stretch out, stuff, stuff up, submerge, substitute, subterfuge, sunblind, sunshade, superimpose, superpose, surfacing, surround, swaddle, swarm over, sweep, tablecloth, tailband, take charge, take in, take into account, take into consideration, take over, take turns, take up, tape, tarpaulin, teem over, terra firma, tester, thrust out, tidy, tie, time off, tinct, tincture, tinge, tint, tipping, tone, top, track, training mission, transit, travel, travel over, travel through, traverse, trench, trick, trimming, umbrella, undercoat, undercovert, underwrite, unify, unite, varnish, veil, veiling, venetian blind, vestment, voyage, wager, wash, watchful eye, weld, whitewash, window shade, wire stitching, wrap, wrapper, wraps, yoke, zip up, zipper
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